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Responsible for:
Paraná and São Paulo states

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Dr.Thomas Amaral Neves is Consul of Albania to Paraná and São Paulo states. He is a business man, acting in the fields of gold mining, cattle-breeding and international finantial activities. He is one of the three Vice Presidents of FLAMCA-Federation of Latin American Consular Corps and Associations, Knight of the Consular Merit Order, and has participated, together with the Consul General Lamartine Hollanda Junior( that is the President of CDCN and FLAMCA) of the mayority of the World Consular Congresses, promoted by FICAC, in Monaco, Curaçao and other countries. His Excelency is citizen of the Hutt River Province Principality, and Consul of that Princedom to Paraná and São Paulo.

Last December 16, HE was present to the inauguration of the Refinery General Abreu e Lima, Pernambuco state, with the Presidents of Venezuela and Brazil, Hugo Chavez and Luiz Inácio Lula, and also the Consul General Lamartine Hollanda Jr, that is the Great Master of the Order General Abreu e Lima-OGAL-

In the evening, HE was at the city of Abreu e Lima, Pernambuco, participating of the decoration of President Hugo Chavez, with the OGAL. The Great Master, CG Lamartine imposed on the President Chavez the decoration of the highest grade of the OGAL,the Great Collar. The Ambassador of Venezuela in Brazil, Julio Montoya, received the grade of Commander, of the same OGAL, from the hands of its Chancelor, Dr.Francisco Maximo Ferreira. VIPs presences were the Governor of Pernambuco, Dr.Jarbas Vasconcelos, Venezuelan Ministers Elias Jaua(Popular Economy) and Gustavo Marquez Marin( Exterior Commerce), the Mayor of Abreu e Lima, the President of the Municipal Legislative Assembly of Abreu e Lima, many consuls and others persons.

Addresses: 1) São Paulo-Av. Pacaembu 1785, Pacaembu-São Paulo, SP - CEP( ZIP code) 01234-001.
55.11.38756922. Fax:55.11.38755344.

2)Curitiba( Paraná state) - Rua Petit Carneiro 1111/302, Batel-Agua Verde.Curitiba, PR - CEP( ZIP code) 80240-050
Telephone/fax 55.41.32436893
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Consul Thomas Amaral Neves was scheduled to be in the recent 8 World Consular Congress, in Jamaica, but it was not possible to be there.

His Excelency was officialy, in document in hands of the Secretary Executive Patrick Debus since october, the Deputy Representative of CDCN in the General Assembly of FICAC, together with other Deputy, Consul Manoel Guimarães, for to substitute the Chief Delegate, Dean Consul General Lamartine Hollanda Junior.

Being in the official document, by some reason, Consul Manoel Guimarães was told that he could not be, as voter, in the Assembly held in Jamaica, what was not correct.

The Assembly had a good result, that was the election of CG Arnold Foote as President of FICAC.

We hope this will be the start ing of a new era, with the dued attention and consideration to the consular associations and consuls working and living in ALL countries, mainling in the 3 Americas and Caribe.

If this occurs, surely President Arnold Foote will not permit events and actions that come to be hostile to CDCN and its President, our Dean Lamartine Hollanda Junior, which will be member full of the Board of FICAC, in some days.

As one of the 3 Vice Presidents of FLAMCA, Board Member of ACAAL, Consul Thomas Amaral support, fully, all the positions of the Presidents CG Lamartine Hollanda Junior and Vicente Napoli, Chairmen of FLAMCA and ACAAL.

His Excelency, together with Consuls linked to FLAMCA,ACAAL, CCB and other consular societies in South America will fight hard to all positive iniciatives, and against the desagretors ones, mobilizing all elements disponible for to reach the good results, and for to impede and dissolve the bad ones.

See and, last part, with opinions and decisions on these matters.
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