Sérgio Lobo Jardim

for Sweden

Rua Libia de Castro Assis, 59, Boa Viagem
51030-410 Recife

Tel. 55.81.34624254
Fax. 55.81.33418924

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Responsible for:
Pernambuco Alagoas, Paraiba and Rio Grande do Norte states

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Sergio Lobo Jardim is a Brazilian lawyer and a businessman. He's married with the psychoologist Renee Nebl Jardim. The couple has four children and eight grandchildren. He's Honorary Consul to Sweden, since 1998. The main office of the Consulate is in Recife, Brazil. He's member of Circle Diplomatic and Consular of Northeast(CDCN), Consular Society of Pernambuco(SCP) and the Federation of Latin American Consular Corps and Associations( FLAMCA). He's also Honorary Consul to Finland for the same Brazilian region. He received some decorations, including from Sweden, and is Comander of the Ordem da Concordia.


Our congratulations to Consul General Arnold Foote for his election as President of FICAC.
We are sure that he will take in due account the opinion expressed by many consuls, in many countries,

And many others.And will work for union, do not permitting bad adventures on our next World Consular Congress, that must be conducted under the consolidated coordination and opinion of leaders as our Dean Lamartine Hollanda junior, the President of FLAMCA CG Vicente Napoli and many others, not in the hands of who does not have the supporting of the consular movement, and could atract desnecessaries opposite iniciatives.

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