Ruy Pereira da Silva

CONSUL General
for Cyprus

71620-265 Brasília/DF

Tel. 55.61.32482290
Fax 55.61.33645351

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Responsible for:
Brasilia Distrito Federal

His Excellency Ruy Pereira da Silva is the highest representative of Cyprus in Brazil, being its Consul General in Brazil capital, Brasília, since Cyprus has not Embassy in Brazil. He was the Official Delegate of the Republic of Cyprus to the Investiture Ceremonies of the new Brazilian President, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. HE is extra territorial member of the CDCN. Some news: Last December 2005, the Dean of the Consular Corps of Brazil, Consul General Lamartine Hollanda Junior, that is President of the Bolivarian Society of Northeast (Sociedade Bolivariana do Nordeste), in a public ceremony, where the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, received from the hands of the Grand Master of the General Abreu e Lima Order(OGAL), the Dean Consul General Lamartine Hollanda Junior, the Great Collar, the highest grade of the OGAL. Present at the ceremony, the Ambassador of Venezuela in Brazil, Julio Montoya( that received the grade of Commander of the OGAL, some minutes after), the Venezuelans Ministers Gustavo Marin and Elias Jaua, the Venezuelan diplomat George Carmona, the Chancellor of the OGAL and Vice president of the Bolivarian Society of Northeast, Dr. Francisco Maximo Ferreira, the Last Governor of Pernambuco, Dr. Jarbas Vasconcelos, many consuls and authorities. NEXT WORLD CONSULAR CONGRESS AND FICAC A good signal of the times was the election of General Consul Arnold Foote to the presidency of FICAC, thanks, in great measure, to the efforts of our Dean Lamartine Hollanda Junior.
Perhaps, if the Congress comes for Brazil, it must be done in Brasilia, the capital of the country, with the support of the consuls, in Brasilia, that are friends of Dean Lamartine Hollanda Jr, almost all members, as me, what means, of the Consular Corps of Brazil. CG Lamartine has very good connections with many Ambassadors, here in Brasilia, and with Brazilian authorities, as myself have. The best, if in Brazil, will be in Rio de Janeiro, our beautiful old capital or, by the actual difficulties there, and by the fact that the head of CCB is in Recife, to do the Congress there, in Recife, Pernambuco. What is impossible to admit is to put CDCN aside of something consular in Brazil, considering that the CDCN is, since 1987, the real Brazilian presence in FICAC, and the only considered consular institution for many states. For only one state, we have three good ones: the Consular Society of São Paulo, the Consular Society of Paraná and the Consular Society of Pernambuco, whose Honor President is our Dean Lamartine Hollanda Junior. Also must be considered the important paper of Consular Corps of Brazil. President Arnold Foote, in a recent letter of November 23, said that will contact Brazilian consuls through the regional Deans, what is the right way. To try to do these contacts directly, from any consular list, will be to disconsider the local leaders and, so, to bring any iniciative to fail, to have no success.

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