Norberto Cervantes

for Dominican Republic

Av. Antonio Sales 1317/ 12 andar
60135-100 Fortaleza - Aldeota

Tel. 55.85.99781148
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Responsible for:
state of Ceará

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Consul Norberto Cervantes represents Dominican Republic in the great Ceará state, inside the northeastern jurisdiction of the Dominican Republic Consulate headed by HE Consul Lamartine Hollanda Junior, sited in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil. He is the Director for Ceará of the Circle Diplomatic and Consular of Northeast-CDCN, a FICAC affiliated since 1987. HE is Argentinian citizen, married with Mrs. Carminda de Cervantes, working with export/import business.


In the World Consular Congress that had place in Montego Bay, Jamaica, the Consul General Arnold Foote, Grand Official of the Consular Merit Order, was elected President of FICAC, thanks the efforts of some excelent Consuls, among them, our Dean Laird Lamartine Hollanda Junior, Consul General of Albania, President of CDCN and Consular Corps of Brazil.

Probably, this fact will be the starting point of a new era to FICAC and, perhaps,Arnold Foote will know to act in order to put again together the divided world of consular associations.

The signals of this are his letters where he says, that will work in conjunction with the Deans of Consular Associations, and not baypassing them, and his intention of to include our Dean Lamartine Hollanda Junior, under the article 8, d, of the FICAC Constitution, in the Board of that International Consular Association.

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