Albanian Prime Minister, Prof. Dr. Sali Berisha participates in CONFERENCE OF THE UNITED NATIONS, Rio + 20, BRAZIL (20 June 2012)


Albanian Prime Minister, His Excellency, Prof.. Dr. Sali Berisha, accompanied by his wife Mrs. Liri Berisha, will be officially in Brazil, from 20 to 25 June 2012 to participate in the United Nations Conference for Sustainable Development (Rio + 20).

At this conference in which will take part over 100 world leaders will be seen to what extent are achieved or not, the Millennium Goals aimed at eradicating extreme poverty leading up to 2015. Although there is still much to do, the UN wants the public to recognize what has been achieved to date.

Prof. Sali Berisha, is the first Albanian Prime Minister paying an official visit in Brazil. His visit takes place at a time when bilateral relations between Albania and Brazil have recognized new achievements. Starting in 2009 the two countries opened their respective embassies in Tirana and Brasilia and signed the agreement for the mutual abolition of visas in ordinary passports.

Before opening the Embassy in Brasilia the diplomatic relations between Albania and Brazil covered by the Albanian Embassy in Buenos Aires with the ambassador, Dr. Edmond Trako, who conducted over a period of 9 years of intensive activity, which helped significantly in improving bilateral relations.

During the period 1997-2006 were opened Honorary Consulates of Albania in Recife, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Mato Grosso. It was also created the Cultural Association Brazil-Albania and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Brazil-Albania. A crucial role in the establishment of these institutions have played the General Consul of Albania in Recife, Prof. Dr. Lamartine Hollanda Junior.

Following the opening of the Albanian Embassy in Brasilia in 2009, on top of it was apointed, Ambassador Tatjana Gjonaj, who in cooperation with the albanian Consuls in Brazil continued the work started. In this context it was prepared and official visit to Brazil of the Vice-Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Edmond Haxhinasto from dt.26-29 October 2011. During this visit took also place a Business Forum in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Brazil-Albania, led by Dr. Antonio Munhoz and in the presence of a representative group of Albanian business, aiming to give a new impulse to the development of trade-economic relations between the two countries.

Arriving in Brazil of the Albanian Prime Minister, Prof. Dr. Sali Berisha, will no doubt serve as a new impulse for further development of bilateral and multilateral relations between Albania and Brazil.

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