India Wants to buy Latin American Oil

lndian Oil Corp., the largest refinery
in India, is planning its first significant
purchase of Latin American oil. Indian
Oil Corp.’s new plant, called Paradip,
is located tn the state of Orissa; this
plant will refine 300, 000 barrels of oil
each day. lndia is the world’s fourth
largest oil importer; the country's energy
needs are growing along with its
economy which currently sees an 8%
to 9% growth yearly. India's state refineries
have previously bought their
oil from tbe Middle East and Africa,
because they lacked the capacity to process
large quantities of the heavy crude
varieties of Latin American oil.



India quiere comprar crudo latinoamericano

Indian Oil Corp, la mayor refinería
de India, planea sus primeras compras
importantes de crudo latinoamericano
para su nueva planta Paradip,
de 300.000 barriles por día,
ubicada en Orissa. India es el cuarto
importador de crudo más importante
del mundo y sus necesidades energéticas
crecen junto a la expansión
anual de su economía del 8% al 9%.
Actualmenre, Ias refinerías estatales
de lndia compran crudo de Oriente
Media y África, ya que sus instalaciones
no eran capaces de procesar
grandes cantidades de Ias variedades
pesadas de Latinoamérica.

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