Gustavo Hollanda Cavalcanti

for Albania

Rua Engenheiro Vasconcelos Bittencourt 149/306J
50740-180 Recife/PE

Tel. 55.81.99612000
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Responsible for:
Nine northeastern Brazilian states

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HE Gustavo de Hollanda Cavalcanti is a member of the staff of the Consulate General of Albania, in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil, headed by the Consul General Lamartine Hollanda Junior. Consul Gustavo de Hollanda Cavalcanti is a businessman, married with Psychologist Giedra Marinho de Hollanda Cavalcanti. Recently, he was elected Secretary General of ACAAL- Association of Consuls of Albania in Latin America, being also Secretary of the Consular Society of Pernambuco. In March 4, 2005, in Punta del Este, Uruguay, he was elected Secretary General of FLAMCA. His Excelence is citizen of the Empire of Atlantium. Consul Gustavo de Hollanda Cavalcanti was one of the "very important persons" invited to the ceremony of inauguration of the Petroleum Refinery General Abreu e Lima, in Pernambuco, Brazil, presided by the President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, the President of Brazil, Luiz I. Lula da Silva and the Last Governor of Pernambuco, Brazil, Dr. Jarbas Vasconcelos, together with Consul General Lamartine Hollanda Junior, of Albania, and many VIPs, from Venezuela and Brazil.

After the have lunch with the presidents Chavez and Lula, as so as CG Lamartine Hollanda Jr and others, he was present, in the city of Abreu e Lima, to the ceremony where President Hugo Chavez received, from the hands of CG Lamartine Hollanda Junior, Great Master of the Order General Abreu e Lima (OGAL), the highest grade of the OGAL, the Great Collar. The Ambassador of Venezuela in Brazil, Julio José Montoya received, in the same moment, the grade of Commander, of the OGAL, from the hands of the Chancelor of that Order, Dr. Francisco Maximo Ferreira, also President of the Circulo Bolivariano General Abreu e Lima. In January 11, 2005, together with the CG Lamartine Hollanda Jr, Consul Marialuisa de Hollanda Cavalcanti, and Dr.Francisco Maximo, he was with the Venezuelan Ministers Elias Jaua and Gustavo Marquez Marin in many events, in Recife and Abreu e Lima city.

Folowing an aceptance issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in response to an Albanian Embassy solicitation, it was emited a Consular Identification Card, by the mentioned Ministry, stating HE Gustavo de Hollanda, that was Vice Consul, is now acredited as Consul.

HE has the Title of Duke of Asturias.


Last November 7, 2006, CG Arnold Foote was elected President of FICAC.

Our congratulations,and votes that he will do a really democratic and positive administration.

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