Guillermo Insfrán

Honorary CONSUL
for Paraguay

Rua Bruno Maia 181/603-Graças
52011-110 Recife

Tel. 55.81.34591277
Fax. 55.81.99732099

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Responsible for:
Pernambuco state

Consul Guillermo Insfrán, born Paraguayan citizen, lives in Brazil for more than 40 years, and is married with Mrs.Silvia Santi de Insfrán.
He is member and Treasurer of the Sociedade Consular de Pernambuco-SCP, and of the Circle Diplomatic and Consular of Northeast-CDCN, a FICAC affiliated since
1987. His Excelency is Knight of the Consular Merit Order, and encharged of interests of Paraguay in the Pernambuco state of Brazil.
HE was elected First Vice President of Sociedade Consular de Pernambuco.
Consul Insfrán was among the VIPs present to the
inauguration of the Refinery General Abreu e Lima, Pernambuco, Brazil, with the
presences of the Presidents Hugo Chavez, Venezuela, Luiz I. Lula da Silva, Brazil, Last Governor of
Pernambuco Dr. Jarbas Vasconcelos, Venezuelan Ministers Elias Jaua and Gustavo
Marín, and many others Venezuelan and Brazilian authorities. In the evening, President Hugo Chavez, in the city of Abreu e Lima, near Recife
(capital of Pernambuco), received the highest grade of the Order General Abreu e Lima
(OGAL), from the hands of the Great Master, Consul General Lamartine Hollanda Junior, at the same moment that the Ambassador for Venezuela to Brazil, Julio Montoya, received, from the same OGAL, the decoration
of Commander, from the hands of Dr. Francisco Maximo Ferreira, Chancelor of the Order, and President of the Circle Bolivarian General Abreu e Lima.
In the next day, HE prestigiated, with his presence, the issuing of the newest book of Consul General Lamartine Hollanda Junior (that is psychiatrist and writer), named "Questões Fundamentais em Psiquiatria".
HE Guillermo Insfrán were in the Justice Palace( the High Court of Pernambuco), for the decoration, with the Auroran Order of the Empire of Atlantium, of the President of that High Court (Tribunal de Justiça de Pernambuco), High Judge José Macedo Malta, and, with the same Order, the writer and journalist Flávio Chaves.

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