Christos Aravanis

for Cyprus

Praça Arsenal da Marinha, 35, sala 1401
50030-3 Recife/PE

Tel. 55.81.34415606
Fax. 55.81.34546596

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Responsible for:
Pernambuco State

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Dr.Christos Aravanis is a Greek citizen, living in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil.He is married with Mrs.Renata Nebl Jardim Aravanis.HE is an active member of Sociedade Consular de Pernambuco and of the CDCN- a FICAC affiliated since 1987,and was the official representative of CDCN in Athens, for contacts with the Consular Corps of Greece,in the preparing meetings for the VII World Consular Congress,held in December 2003, Athens. HE is also citizen of the Empire of Atlantium( See more about Brazil in and

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