Alexandre Gusmão Pinheiro

for Haiti

Rua do Riachuelo 105/814-Boa Vista
50050-020 Recife/PE

Tel. 55.81.32217238
Fax 55.81.34546596

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Responsible for:
Pernambuco state

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Dr.Alexandre Gusmão Pinheiro de Araujo is a Lawyer, President of the Board of International Affairs of the Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil, Pernambuco section, Director for Social Affairs of the Sociedade Consular de Pernambuco and Official of the Consular Merit Order. He was indicated for Honorary Consul of Haiti in Pernambuco by HE Consul General Lamartine Hollanda Junior, President of SCP and CDCN- a FICAC affiliated since 1987.

Our historical Círculo Diplomático e Consular do Nordeste,affiliated to FICAC in the year of 1987,was represented in the 8 World Consular Congress,in Montego Bay,Jamaica,by its President,Consul General Lamartine Hollanda Junior,President of Consular Corps of Brazil (

There,the Consul General Arnold Foote was elected President of FICAC.

Congratulations to him.

FLAMCA sent to members in Ecuador,Chile,San Salvador,Bolivia,Venezuela,Argentina, Paraguay,Uruguay, Brazil and others countries,together with ACAAL,a note about all this,remembering our victorious international coordination in the case of an anterior Congress,in Mexico.

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